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There are dozens, if not hundreds, of articles written about how to efficiently sell your home. Each article will tell you something a little different about the process. Will each article identify exactly what it is that turns buyers away from certain listings? Most likely not: Price, location, curb appeal and updates all play a part in how buyers react to listings. There are things that go unchanged or overlooked that could influence perfectly interested buyers and cause them to think twice. This blog will highlight some of those things that may go unnoticed by the seller, but buyers will pinpoint shortly after arriving on the property.

Firstly, and this tip also applies to first dates and visiting relatives, bad odors could be a deal breaker for a buyer. The problem with foul odors is that sellers rarely smell the issue – they have been living with and adjusting to the odor for too long. Invite your friend over to take a sniff for you!

Pet Odors

“Just how many pets does the owner HAVE?” – Annoyed Buyer

Do you have pets? Indoor pets have particular odors even if they’ve never had an accident in the house or if you take out the litter box every day. You can usually tell if the previous owner kept a dog or cat just by the odors lingering in the air; what that means for the buyer is at the very least shampooing carpets or even a complete carpet rip-out. Many buyers that see costly repairs turn and run in the other direction – it’s not ideal. Also, it’s worth mentioning, if you do smoke in your home you will probably be in for more than just spraying air freshener and washing windows when preparing to sell.

A second factor that many sellers do not consider is dimly lit rooms throughout the house may sway a buyer. No natural light? Not many light fixtures? Yes these issues (or design choices) can be changed once the buyer purchased the house, yet touring buyers can see those renovations as costly. Will it be considered a “con” in their pros and cons list? Yes, of course.

As a seller with this issue, you may want to consider using higher watt bulbs or installing more lights around your home. What will cost you $100 in prep, could land an offer from the right buyer! As a side note, tying room-darkening curtains open during showings is a must!

Brighten up your space

Brighten up any dimly lit areas as much as possible!

Lastly, a cosmetic problem that many sellers overlook is gutter clutter! Gutter and roof build-up, aka “strange life growing in the gutters” signals to the potential buyer that maintenance is lacking. Think of it this way, from the buyer’s perspective, if the gutters haven’t been cleaned what other important maintenance has gone undone? Not a great first impression. Make sure that your gutters are leaf, mold, and rot free for listing photographs and showings.

Most cosmetic problems found during a showing can be corrected with a small “pre-listing work” budget and a little elbow-grease. You can even do a test run! Ask a friend or family member to help identify problems while walking through your home; it’s always wise to be prepared during a home sale.

Gutter maintenance

“What IS THAT growing in the gutter?” – Scared Buyer

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